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Things To Know Before Buying A Bicycle


Every vehicle has its own pros and cons. Most of us are interested to know only the benefits of the vehicle at the time of buying. We are now discussing about the bicycle accessories what we really don’t want from the bicycle store or really we don’t have any use of these bicycle accessories. So bicycle businesses also have some key secrets. Shop owners are unknowingly force us to buy all the accessories form them rather these accessories are in use or not. If you’re going to buy your own first bicycle, there are many things to be checked out.

Most of the people neglect these key things and buy what the store owner sold to them, without knowing its pros and cons. buying any bicycle; one must know which accessory of bike is useful and which one is totally waste of money. You must know which accessory of bicycle you have to buy with your bike or which one have to leave. If you are not sure or didn’t have any idea about the needs and uses of accessories then put the query and get the information from the shop owner or check with your contacts as much as you can.Few things one must know before buy a bicycle from any bicycle store.

If you are a mountain rider or often ride on rough or hilly areas from your bike, then the most important thing is not to put a kick-stand on your bike. Having a kickstand in bike may create troubles for you. Kick stand might hit with rock or dig into the ground and they may cause an accident without any intimation or you didn’t have any chance to prepare for this. As we all know, kick stand is not so useful accessory for the bicycle. You can stand your bike against any wall, tree nearby you or lay down the ground. Bicycle Store owners sell the kick stand for own profit. There is a huge margin in bike stand. Shop owners sold the stand on 15-20 bucks but buying it only a single dollar or less than a dollar. That’s the only reason owner looking for their profit didn’t tell you about the use of the bicycle stand and the ill effects of the stands while riding off the road or in hilly areas.

The major thing we seen any bicycle with a tag, “Designed in America” it really doesn’t mean that the bike is manufactured or made in America or in any state of America. Bikes are imported to the country. Machines and workers of other country like Taiwan, China, Mexico or any else country, made most of the bikes. Might be, it’s only the designed in America where the engineers of America will consideration and make the geometrical blueprint of the bike or bicycle and then forward it to their manufacturing industry, no matter where it is located. So it doesn’t mean that if you are going to contribute or helping your countrymen by buying these designed bicycles. But the engineers worked in Utah bicycle shop under the name “Contender Bicycles” designed their blueprints and manufactured them. They make the blue print of the bicycle and manufactured them their own manufacturing store or workshop.

The most important and the necessity feature of your bicycle is your chain. Keep replace your bicycle chain on regular intervals of time. If you are using your bicycle chain for long time, it might affect your bicycle. Changing your chain on regular basis might save your money your expense is reduced at the extent. A damaged chain wears down mechanism and teeth on gears at a much pick up the pace rate. If you are paying much more right now on your bicycle services and your want to reduce your expense then certainly you must have to care your bike chain and change it on regular basis.

4 Responses to Things To Know Before Buying A Bicycle

  1. Dr Surita Daphale - Reply

    September 9, 2016 at 7:58 PM

    What for big tyres are as in Big Sam of Raliegh ? Can it be rode on roads ?

    • Customer Care -Onlinebicycles - Reply

      September 11, 2016 at 10:35 AM

      yes ! you can simply ride them on roads. its smooth and light weight also.

  2. PRIYAM ARORA - Reply

    November 26, 2016 at 3:03 PM

    Is it a bike for 125+ kg men?

    • Customer Care -Onlinebicycles - Reply

      November 29, 2016 at 7:42 PM

      yes sir.

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